Relax. Recharge. Explore. Create.

Come to the inspiring natural setting of the Catskills and we’ll all gather under one sky.

In the spirit of creativity, collaboration, and innovation, the American Center for Elemental Music and Movement is proud to offer its first Retreat and Jamboree at Frost Valley YMCA! All who share an interest in the exciting possibilities of elemental music and movement are invited to join us for three days of engaging workshops and refreshing relaxation with colleagues from across the country!

Drawing the Circle Wider

The Retreat and Jamboree will provide an opportunity for people to come together share in professional development sessions that center on elemental music and movement approaches that include Orff Schulwerk, Kodaly, Dalcroze, creative dance, and early childhood music and movement. All are welcome around our fire!

The Retreat and Jamboree hopes to meet the needs of participants in a number of ways. By providing networking opportunities for our colleagues to meet and  collaborate, it is our hope to form lasting bonds that will strengthen and move our personal musicianship and profession forward in positive ways.

Weaving the elemental strands together.
Weaving the elemental strands together.

All human music making and creative movement impulses have elemental roots, and in a spirit of unity, the retreat and jamboree offers a place for participants to explore similarities in pedagogy and approaches while discovering the power of the common connections shared across the music and movement teaching and learning landscape.

We invite you to join in weaving together the common threads of the many aspects of our lives. 

The sessions will be led by nationally known clinicians that include friends of ACEMM, as well as past and current ACEMM board members.

Join Us for the Retreat and Jamboree! 

Music and Movement Session Participants

This event will provide a glimpse into the elemental music and movement world and is intended for both pre-service and experienced teachers.

Enjoy three days of relaxing, recharging, exploring, and creating with trusted long-time colleagues and new friends!

Registration Details

Registration Deadline: January 31, 2020

*A Wait List will be put into effect if registration exceeds the limit.

(Additional fee for lodging and meals will apply)

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