Relax. Recharge. Explore. Create.

Come to the inspiring natural setting of the Catskills and we’ll all gather under one sky.

Why a Retreat and Jamboree?

In its first annual Retreat and Jamboree, ACEMM offers an opportunity that fosters the active music and movement making experiences that ignite creativity and artistic self-expression to strengthen our communities. For educators, performing artists, community leaders, caregivers, and many others, feeding one’s creative self is the fire that leads to the inspiration and leadership with which we are able to provide meaningful growth and relationships.


Focusing on the artists deep within ourselves, through a love for music and movement, the Retreat and Jamboree will provide individuals with experiences clearly outlining the many connections of our craft to deeper interactions with others.  Join us for a weekend of hands-on learning combining your talents and interests with new creative possibilities to inspire your music and movement. Sessions will be woven together to create a final collaborative sharing, incorporating the techniques, skills, and artistic media explored.  



Weaving the elemental strands together.


In ancient Greek philosophy, the word poesis was a term used to describe an activity in which a person brought something into being that did not exist before. Perhaps one of the most powerful examples of poesis in our modern lives is the fostering of connections to nature, beauty, and others, through collaborative creation.

ACEMM invites you to be a part of this unique event where the poesis we share deepens and rekindles your own approach to creating for yourself and those around you, your teaching, and those you lead. 


Join Us for the Retreat and Jamboree! 

Music and Movement Session Participants

This event will provide a glimpse into the elemental music and movement world and is intended for both pre-service and experienced teachers.

Enjoy three days of relaxing, recharging, exploring, and creating with trusted long-time colleagues and new friends!

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Registration Deadline: January 31, 2020

*A Wait List will be put into effect if registration exceeds the limit.

(Additional fee for lodging and meals will apply)

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