Michelle Lewis is a one-of-a-kind teacher, who focuses on personalized learning for students. She has the ability to motivate students and develop students’ passions about music as well as learning in general. Not only does Michelle thrive in the music classroom, she is a leader in collaboration throughout the school. ~ Jack F. Jacobs, Principal, Bloom Elementary School

Ms. Lewis has been an incredible force of nature for music education as a teacher, administrator, and performer for as long as I can remember. I’ll never forget when she visited my high school to teach a percussion clinic and totally rekindled my love of performing. It has been a dream come true working alongside her as a colleague, impacting countless children through arts enrichment. Ms. Lewis is truly a hometown hero.    ~  Jecorey Arthur, educator and musician


Michelle has a true passion for student learning, opportunity and community.  She is constantly processing ways to allow her students to create, improvise and explore music and movement in her classroom.  She wants students to feel successful and perform for others, while being disciplined life-long learners and creators.  Michelle is constantly giving of herself to her students, her school and her community by performing and teaching inside and outside of the classroom and her students are programs are thriving because her success.  ~ Amy Harrod, District Arts Coordinator, Jessamine County Schools


Michelle’s impact is far reaching. In addition to her role as District Music Specialist, Michelle also served as a music educator, specifically in percussion education, during the 2016-17 school year. She continues to promote percussion events and education through teaching privately, hosting workshops, and community drum circles, serving Jefferson and the surrounding counties.  Michelle has also been involved in advocacy efforts with the Kentucky Coalition as well as provided professional learning to surrounding districts.  She also served on staff for the Kentucky Center for the Arts for the Arts Academies last summer, focusing on integrated literacy and music.  ~ Carmen Coleman, Chief Academic Officer, Jefferson County Public Schools


As a colleague, I watched Michelle tirelessly fight for students across the district to get the best music education available and to encourage and provide opportunities to students districtwide for exhibitions of their musical talent for city-wide public audiences. Michelle created opportunities for elementary teachers to learn how to teach math through music, taught specialists from all areas music and theory and how to raise expectations for musical production from kids. 

 I have also been lucky enough to experience Michelle Lewis as a music teacher through the eyes my children. She has had an incredible, powerful effect on all of them. Two of my children seemed to lack musicality altogether until Michelle sparked a love of music I’ve never seen in them before. Michelle brought confidence into my most musical child and has also reached my daydreamer that often struggles in school. Her clear ability to reach all children has evidenced in my family. 

 Michelle’s passion for music and lighting the fire of music in children is unparalleled in my many years of parenting and teaching. She has inspired me to be better professionally, has provided rich opportunities for students across our city to perform for public audiences and has sparked love and confidence for music in my 4 very different children.  ~Rachel Weinrich, colleague, parent


Michelle’s journey from struggling student to master teacher is a strong undercurrent that informs her innovative approach to breaking down barriers and connecting her students to the incredibly life-changing power of music. It’s an exceptional gift that leads her students to discover their inner musician through not just playing music, but creating it from the music that is inside each of them.     ~Paul W. Robinson,  District Music Curriculum Specialist Jefferson County Public Schools