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Contributing to a Better World: Project-Based Learning through Music, by K. Michelle Lewis

Come along on a journey with second graders who were motivated to help others halfway across the world! Inspired by a children’s book, these students creatively brainstorm and collaborate to provide clean drinking water for people in Africa. In this article, recent Spotlight Award recipient K. Michelle Lewis explains how to use a project-based learning model to empower students to explore both music and solve real-world concerns, and how to align such a project to the National Core Arts Standards. ACEMM invites you to read “Contributing to a Better World: Project-Based Learning through Music”!

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Spotlight – Why ACEMM Matters

Why ACEMM Matters- David Thaxton

Recently we shared this great lesson with you by David Thaxton, our 2017 Winter Spotlight Award winner. We at ACEMM believe the power of music and movement matters in everyone’s life.…

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