As part of its mission to bring the humanizing effect of elemental music and movement to a wider group of people, ACEMM launched a nation-wide program enabling more access a high-quality ensemble of pitched and un-pitched percussion instruments.

The Mobile Ensemble program enables any educator or director of arts programs who would like to more fully explore the potential of elemental music and movement but is lacking material resources to access ensembles of pitched and un-pitched instruments.truck-1

This initiative provides the opportunity for a variety of instruments to become a temporary component of an established music program, illustrating how the creative and skill-building possibilities of these uniquely sonorous instruments can enable a rich and meaningful elemental music experience.

These high quality instruments are loaned for a period of time, enabling communities to more fully realize the creative, pedagogical and social impact such instruments can bring to a music and movement program. An application process makes it possible for the ensembles to be configured to the needs of the individual organization or community.

Who can apply for the Mobile Ensemble Loaner Program?

  • Community Groups
  • Schools: public or private
  • Teacher Training Groups
  • Nursing Homes
  • Special Learner Facilities
  • Music Camps
  • Arts Integration Programs
  • Music Therapy Institutions/Hospitals
  • Professional Development Organizations

Growing list of instruments to borrow:

Class Room Un-tuned Percussion  Sets


  • 12” Rhythm Works Hand Drums  6
  • 10” Remo Hand Drums  12
  • 8” Remo Hand Drum 18
  • Rhythm Sticks 24 pair
  • Maracas 2 Pair
  • LP Cabasa 2
  • Triangles 2
  • Ratchet 1
  • Vibraslap 1
  • Egg Shakers  24
  • Rhythm Works Woodblocks  2
  • Rhythm Works Guiro  2
  • Claves 2 Pair
  • Tambourine  1
  • 10” Remo Tunable Tubano 1
  • 12” Remo Tunable Tubano 1
  • Jingle Bells 12
  • Finger Cymbals  1


Barred Percussion Sets


  • Studio 49 Bass, Alto and Soprano Xylophones
  • Studio 49 Bass, Alto and Soprano Metallophones
  • Studio 49 Soprano and Alto Glockenspiel


General Information

  • Loans may be for short periods or for school years, if a school
  • Low-income or underserved populations given priority



Former Mobile Ensemble Loan Recipients

  • smART 360 Music and Literacy Camp 2015, 2016: Akron Public Schools and Baldwin Wallace University Partnership
  • Buck Hill Skytop Music Festival Student Music Camp 2016


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