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The American Center for Elemental Music and Movement… Creates opportunities for educators, learners and performers to experience the intrinsic value of elemental music and movement in their artistic and pedagogical lives. These opportunities will be developed through programs that: educate; provide material resources for performance and creativity; foster an appreciation of elemental music and movement. It is ACEMM’s goal to enhance the lives of those who experience the humanizing touch of elemental music and movement.

  • ACEMM 2019 Retreat and Jamboree

    Come to the inspiring natural setting of the Catskills and we’ll all gather under one sky.

    In the spirit of creativity, collaboration, and innovation, the American Center for Elemental Music and Movement is proud to offer its first Retreat and Jamboree at Frost Valley YMCA Camp! All who share an interest in the exciting possibilities of elemental music and movement are invited to join us for three days of engaging workshops and refreshing relaxation with colleagues from across the country!

  • Spotlight Award

    In a concerted effort to “spotlight” excellence among professionals exhibiting outstanding accomplishments and dedication to advancing and expanding elemental music and movement at local and regional levels, ACEMM’s Spotlight Award is given based upon recommendation from our colleagues on a quarterly basis.

  • Beacon Scholarship

    The Beacon Scholarship provided by ACEMM opens avenues for experienced music and movement educators to expand their professional development and broaden their own experiences, and, positively impact the lives of their students and colleagues.

Ian Cicco is ACEMM’s Winter 2019 Spotlight Recipient!

    “Though I am indeed a music educator, I believe that my job is to not only teach music…I aim to teach students skills, knowledge, and values…

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Come to the Catskills! ACEMM 2019 Retreat and Jamboree

“Frost Valley is a phenomenally beautiful place.”  
― Lifelong visitor

The ACEMM Retreat and Jamboree will blend the beauty of nature that Frost Valley offers with meaningful collaboration with professional educators as well as create possibilities for participants to simply be together as artists and humans sharing in community music making experiences.

ACEMM Loves You, Too!

We have loved reading about how ACEMM has positively impacted the music education community!

As a way to show our affection for you, ACEMM is hosting the First Annual ACEMM Retreat and Jamboree at Frost Valley! From Monday, June 24 through Thursday, June 27, 2019, ACEMM will be hosting a getaway at the Frost Valley YMCA Camp located in the Catskills Mountains in scenic Upstate New York. During this retreat, participants will have the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in nature and get back to the elemental roots of their musicianship.

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ACEMM Welcomes Casey Goryeb to Board of Directors

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Casey Goryeb brings her talents to ACEMM!
We are thrilled to announce that Casey has joined our Board of Trustees and look forward to the many possibilities and passions for students, teachers, and community music and movement organizations that we will be able to positively impact together. 

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