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The American Center for Elemental Music and Movement… Creates opportunities for educators, learners and performers to experience the intrinsic value of elemental music and movement in their artistic and pedagogical lives. These opportunities will be developed through programs that: educate; provide material resources for performance and creativity; foster an appreciation of elemental music and movement. It is ACEMM’s goal to enhance the lives of those who experience the humanizing touch of elemental music and movement.

  • ACEMM Mobile Ensemble

    In classrooms like this one, where teachers are sharing elemental music and movement experiences without resources like barred instruments, drums, or small percussion instruments, ACEMM regularly provides these important extensions to reinforce the artistic learning that is taking place there.

  • Spotlight Award

    In a concerted effort to “spotlight” excellence among professionals exhibiting outstanding accomplishments and dedication to advancing and expanding elemental music and movement at local and regional levels, ACEMM’s Spotlight Award is given based upon recommendation from our colleagues on a quarterly basis.

  • Beacon Scholarship

    The Beacon Scholarship provided by ACEMM opens avenues for experienced music and movement educators to expand their professional development and broaden their own experiences, and, positively impact the lives of their students and colleagues.

Essel Linton is ACEMM’s Fall 2018 Spotlight Recipient!

Congratulations to Essel Linton, ACEMM’s Fall 2018 Spotlight Award recipient! A veteran music educator, Essel’s unique background influences her teaching while addressing student needs at a school where for many, English is not a first language. Read on to find out more about the ways her dedication and teaching approach benefits young learners and colleagues!

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Who is ACEMM?

You may have seen one of our posts on Facebook, or visited our booth at the AOSA National Conference this week in Cincinnati. Perhaps you know a teaching colleague who was featured in our Spotlight Awards. But do you know who ACEMM is?

Come See ACEMM in Cincinnati at the AOSA Conference!

We know you love ACEMM as much as we do! 

Stop by the ACEMM booth, snap a photo, and share a few thoughts on why #iloveACEMM. The exhibit hall’s grand opening is at 5:30 on Thursday, stop by then at our booth, say hello, and pick up a newly designed set of ACEMM building block rhythm cards! 

Happy Halloween from ACEMM

No tricks! You’ve been a treat for ACEMM all the year through! We wanted to reach out to you and say thanks for being a member of our community, and for the support so many have shown for our mission to promote the possibilities of elemental music and movement at the local, regional and national level.

Our latest short post shares a few of the great treats ACEMM is able to share because of you!